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Be Aware That 2 Minutes(Freedom Watch) VS 15-30 Minutes(Comfort Zone)
 Is Essential with Alert Monitoring Devices
Saving Lives ! ​
Dementia-Alzheimers-Autism - Downs

New Freedom Locking Watch -For Wandering

  Alerts by Flashing & Audible alarm in the Home+Text message Alert+Email Alert
  Up to 30 day Battery Life
  Looks & feels like a Watch
  Free First Year of Pin-Point Tracking
  Secure on line website – Track with smart phone – computer
  Problems with old monitors is battery life – SOLVED
  Slow GPS tracking – SOLVED
  Device is hard for person to wear – SOLVED
  No Panic Button SOLVED
  Only works at home – SOLVED Receiver can be taken to park or mall

“Robin is an outstanding example of someone who is dedicated to helping others through his business. After having horrific experiences in dealing with two different companies to purchase the Freedom Watch for my disabled adult son, I finally found Robin and his company RM Medical. The experience is a complete turnaround, he is professional, caring, keeps his word and has extended himself to such a great degree I just cannot say enough about him, except thank you Robin for helping my son and our family!
Elaine Burns” May 17, 2012
                Freedom Watch for Wandering Prevention and Emergency Alert

December 2012
I know the worries that go with caring for a loved one that wanders. The Freedom Watch can give peace of mind and keep your loved ones safe.

Product Reviews August 2012

 "My son is in a residential treatment facility for children with behavioral and emotional disorders, and he is what they call a "runner". We really want him to be outside with the other kids playing, but we didn't feel safe without him having the Freedom Watch to help staff locate him quickly to get him returned to the facilty. With this watch, he has been able to go outside, burn off energy, and have the freedom - along the safety - that we want for him."

"The Freedom Watch allowed my son to be located very quickly when he ran away while at the park. He was upset, and he runs when he gets upset. This has allowed us the peace of mind to take him on outings without all the worry if he does
 choose to run."

In July 2012 "The staff at my son's residential facility was able to locate my son when he ran away from them and used a
 bike to get even farther away this last time. He was not injured, and I am happy to say that he is safe again!"
 This product is just amazing!

  Posted by Unknown on 14th Sep 2011

  I had the opportunity to see a demo on this product and its feature set is amazing. This will make watching my grandmother with Alzheimer's so much easier for me. Thank you to whomever developed this. You are a godsend.This will make watching my grandmother with Alzheimer's so much easier for me. Thank you to whomever developed this. You are a godsend.
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Verified Purchase
I was looking for something for my husband who has Lewy Body Dementia. He has not wandered, but I have read that 60% of people with dementia do wander. I love the fact that the watch can be locked onto his wrist so that he can't remove it. There is a special tool that you need to use that comes with the watch. I like the fact that if the alarm goes off showing that he has gone beyond the boundaries set, an email will be sent to you, alerting you. You then go to the website and enter your user name and password and will be able to see where your loved one is located. I have a smart phone, so even if I am out and not near my computer, I will be able to access the website. I also like the fact that the alarm does not get sent to emergency personal. If it is a true emergency, you will call them yourself. It saves you from having to call them if you are testing the watch or showing someone how it works. The watch also has a panic button on it so if the wearer is confused, they can press it and you will be alerted. The customer service is OUTSTANDING! Thanks Robin. 

I have a 12yo son with learning disability’s and he wanted to start going to the local park with his friends so I purchased the freedom watch so that he had a little safety net if anything went wrong. I have to say its the best decision I ever made as now I can log into the secure website and check that he is where he says he is and he has the panic button if he gets into any difficulties.